WQ Park: Health and Rehabilitation Centre


Terms & Conditions

Dear Valued Customer, Welcome to WQ Park Health and Rehabilitation Centre! WQ Park believes in providing quality therapy services that are safe, effective, timely and efficient. To ensure and maintain these standards, we would like you to read the following:

General Safety and Injury Prevention


  • Proper attire and comfortable footwear are recommended, e.g. non-slip shoes. For hydrotherapy session, proper swimming attire is require and kindly bring your personal toiletries and towel for hygienic purposes.
  • Patient is not allowed in the treatment area without the present of attending therapist.
  • Do not handle any equipment without authorization.
  • Call for help if assistance is required.
  • Any child/children attending therapy must be accompanied by parent/carer (unless stated otherwise by attending therapist).
  • Accompanying sibling/children are not allowed in treatment areas without authorization.
  • Kindly ensure the safety of your children while they are in the centre premise.
  • Only one accompanying carer is allowed in the therapy room at one time and must have the attending therapist’s consent.
  • The carer accompanying the patient must ensure the safety of patient at all times.
Please adhere to all other safety notices within the Centre as your safety is our priority

  • Be punctual for your sessions as all our appointments are pre-arranged.
  • If you are late 15 min or more, we will only be able to attend to you base on:
    • Availability of the attending therapist. The session will only be up to the time as stipulated in your appointment and you will be charged for a full session.
    • Or a new appointment will be given.
  • Please inform our Customer Care officer at least 24 hours prior to any change/cancellation of your appointment.
  • Full payment is collected for :
    • One therapy session before or after treatment on each visit.
    • Package sessions/advanced booking either prior to or latest on the day of first visit.
Guarantee Letter (GL)
  • Guarantee Letter is required for all patients covered by company or insurance before service rendered. Failed to do so, patients are required to make cash payment.
  • Please arrange the issuance of GL prior to your visit to avoid unnecessary delay for treatment.
  • Rehabilitation devices generally are not covered, however kindly confirm with your company or insurance and we shall assist if further details are needed.
  • EIP Corner is not covered by Insurance. Parents are advised to make necessary arrangement with their insurance company.
We thank you for your kind attention to the information above and we wish you enjoyable therapy sessions with us.

The Management